Media Rooms

Media rooms in homes are increasingly becoming popular with families and are now a common feature in many homes. Due to the ever-increasing hectic schedules of life, most families are finding it a challenge to visit theatres as often as they would like to, opting to create their own. A home media room presents a great opportunity for family and friends to bond and spend some quality time together and engage in a wide variety of activities- ranging from watching a movie to playing games.

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There are numerous things to consider when deciding on how to plan your media room makeover. While most aspects depend on personal taste, here are the most important that should be on top of your list of priorities.

media room

Quality Sound and Sight

If you have ever watched a good movie with terrible sound and low-quality pictures, then you appreciate how sound and sight in a media room are crucial.

Invest in high-quality bass and mid-range speakers that will be in-built into the media room walls to achieve a surround effect. If possible, design the media room to be rectangular in shape so that sound can be disbursed evenly across the room. A carpeted floor and a thick or draped wall also contribute to the high quality of sound as it ensures all the sound is absorbed in the room, and there is no leakage.

Ensure that connecting cables are accommodated in the media room walls for a neat finish and to avoid people tripping over them. This arrangement also ensures the wiring lasts long.


The screen should be strategically placed on one of the shorter walls for the best effect. The stadium-style seat arrangement is the most convenient, to give everyone in the media room a clear view of the screen.


Screen Size

When choosing the perfect screen for your media room, an important tip to consider is the size of the media room. This will help you avoid a scenario where the screen is too small and people have to strain to watch, or too large to a point it becomes overwhelming.

If you choose to use an LED screen, instead of a projector, make sure the mounting is strong and stable to prevent the screen from shifting as well as reducing the risk of an accident and damage.

Test the suitability of the screen you intend to use by viewing it from different positions of the room to guarantee it provides a great view from different angles.


Comfortable Seats

To enhance your media room experience for family and friends, invest in soft, plush seats, preferably couches, for added comfort. You can even get adjustable reclining seats with added features like cup holders for added convenience. When setting up the seats, it is vital to leave enough leg room in between for more relaxed viewing.

Arrange the seats in ascending order from the front to the back of the room. This can be achieved by building platforms on an even floor or buying seats of different lengths and placing the shortest seat at the front of the room and the tallest at the back. With this arrangement, everybody gets an unobstructed view of the action.


The media room color is equally important for creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Settle for soft, dull and mild colors that do not reflect too much light. Different shades of grey, brown or black are the most highly recommended colors due to their low rate of refraction.


It is important to note when it comes to planning your media room makeover, that costs do not have to be an impediment. The market offers a wide variety of options to suit every budget.


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