Love Your Countertops

In most cases, you desire to have new countertops that make your house attractive but choosing between granite and quartz countertops becomes your challenge. This is because you don’t know which material is the best. You need to have the basic knowledge about granite and quartz for you to make the right decision about which material is more superior. The following are some basics on surprising reasons granite countertops are superior to quartz countertops.
granite counter tops
1. Quartz countertops scratch faster and more easily than granite countertops
Granite countertops are made from a resin that is very hard to be damaged by beat which makes it difficult to be easily scratched as compared to quartz. Granite also has a very tough, rugged stone which you can easily handle while chopping your vegetables on the surfaces. This makes it very hard for the granite countertops to be scratched.

2. Granite countertops are heat resistant
During the formation of granite, there is very intense heat which makes invulnerable to heat or even high temperatures. Although granite seals may be damaged, quartz is damaged completely by pots and pans that are hot because granite has much heat resistant than quartz.

3. Granite countertops are easy to repair in case of damage
Accidents are normal in the houses and may cause damage to the countertops. In case a very heavy pot or a bowl is dropped on both quartz and granite countertop they will both chip. Repairing granite chips will be very easy compared to quartz chip and even granite repair kits and materials are easily available in the market.
4. Granite countertops are environmentally friendly while compared to quartz countertops
Quartz is manufactured and sold in the same place and this makes it seem more environmentally friendly than granite but this isn’t the case. Although both are mined from the quarries and use the same type of energy and resources, quartz requires very much energy and resources while compared to granite because the pieces stones glued together to make it require very much energy to crush them properly. Granite also is made by cutting out the ground into big blocks, sawed into slabs and lastly polished into a surface that is very shiny. The manufacturing of granite is very environmentally friendly than quartz which leads to environmental pollution.

5. Granite comes with very many colors to choose
Granite has very many slabs of various colors to choose from and they provide a choice for the customer basing on the kind of countertops they prefer to have.  As a customer, you will have the chance to compare the different colors and patterns of granite countertops before your desirable countertop is made for you. Quartz, on the other hand, does not have as many colors to choose as compared to granite. Its most popular brand known as Silestone doesn’t outdo granite in terms of advantages. The stock in the quartz market also provides very few slabs for the customer to choose and this is very difficult to satisfy your need.

6. Granite countertops hardly fade in the sun
When shades are made of granite countertops, they hardy fade as compared to shades made of quartz.  Quartz countertops on shades will fade in a few days when exposed to direct sunlight but granite countertops don’t easily fade even when exposed to direct sunlight.

When you want to spend your money on countertops you will be able to choose between granite and quartz materials only when you have the knowledge about them.